And You Can Be a Person Too!

by Tae Shull

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released May 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Tae Shull Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Tae Shull is another white person with an acoustic guitar, bashing on chords, and saying words that are either super vague or embarrassingly direct

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Track Name: Old
I need to shave my teeth

and my skin grows long and foul

All the while, people are still asking what I look like

I Store my spit in jars

Under the blankets don't see my shame

Give it a face, give it a name, perhaps i'll come out some day

I must be old

Stories never told

And you'll never have to see my eyes again

I'm embarrassed of my kin

People don't tell me what i look like

It's words that i heard, and I can recite

You don't excite, but incite, every reason why

My skies are painted backwards

And I Sweat a little when people go near them

There's a reason that's locked in my head

And you can kick me and bribe, but i'll never Say

I must be old

Stories never told

And you'll never have to see my eyes again

They've rolled into the back of my head
Track Name: Brain Weeds
Adhesives will sting

until they wash away

And sink into your veins

until your cells begin to sing

A song they felt classicly trained

But never heard until they signed their rights away

friend is raw nerves, seen and never heard

And it's alright

They'll learn to speak tonight

So strong yet so polite

Using the words everyone knows and relates to

in hopes of giving you a baseline state of mind

Tell me of all the things that you know that I don't

As you steal my clothes

as i attempt to create something resembling a human consciousness

As my blood runs thick

My thoughts will grow long

As you wait for it t stop

And it's only painted on

And soon you will forget light

As you openly host parasites

And you'll always tell them how much you love and care for their wellbeing, seeing a brief image of what once was you in their eyes

And you can be a person too